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Services and Fees

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Services and Fees

Please note, as a parent you can refer your child to the local NHS SLT team. You do not need to ask your Health Visitor or GP. If you are concerned about your child’s general development you can contact your Health Visitor for advice.

Some parents choose an Independent SLT instead of accessing the NHS service. They may feel that their child would benefit from more regular or intensive therapy than the NHS can provide . Please contact me to find out how I can help.

If your child is receiving support from other professionals, including an NHS SLT, I can liaise with them.
See my approach to working with you and your child.

You are welcome to contact me to arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss your requirements.

Initial Assessment

An independent Speech & Language Therapist will make their own assessment of a child before offering input.

Initial assessment: £150. I carry out the initial assessment in the child's home, or via telehealth (video call) if this is preferred, or if a home visit is not possible. This includes a detailed 'case history' discussion. Parents tell me about their child's development, medical history, communication skills and about their child’s interests and unique personality. We discuss your concerns and I answer any questions you may have. I observe and assess the child’s speech, language and communication skills through play, conversation, and assessments appropriate to their age and stage of development.

I use video as a routine part of the assessment process to enable detailed observation and analysis of the child's current and emerging skills: play, social interaction, communication, linguistic skills and speech sound development.

You are welcome to provide a recent school or nursery report.

At the end of the session, I will talk with you about your child's speech, language and communication needs and give general advice. We will also discuss options for further support.

A £50 deposit is required when booking the initial assessment and full payment for the assessment is required on the day of the assessment.

Detailed report £70. Many parents like to have a full written report after the initial assessment. This includes a detailed description of their child's skills: Attention and Listening, Understanding of Language, Expressive Communication (talking), Speech Sound Development, Play and Social Interaction, and Functional use of Communication Skills. The report also provides a summary and detailed recommendations, as well as useful strategies, and activity ideas. You are welcome to share your child's report with nursery/school staff.

Further support

Therapy sessions: £70/h, £55/30mins

When therapy is needed, most families start with a block of 4 VERVE therapy sessions. Sessions are charged at £70 and last one hour. This is typically followed by a review appointment (£70/1h) 4 weeks later to monitor progress.

Additional services are charged at £70/h: These can include observation/assessment at school/nursery, attendance at multi-disciplinary meetings, review reports, VERVE sessions for practitioners who work with your child. Additional services and therapy sessions are invoiced, and payable, at the end of each month.

For home, nursery and school visits there is no charge for the first 20 minutes of travel from my base. Journeys to appointments which take longer than 20 minutes will incur additional cost to the client.

In line with professional guidance, fees reflect not only time spent on face-to-face assessment and treatment, but also time spent on planning and preparation, record keeping, and resourcing. I aim to ensure my prices are fair, value for money and competitive.

Private health insurance

Clients using private health insurance are responsible for settling their invoice directly with me and then claiming from the company concerned. It is therefore advisable to check the level of your cover before agreeing to therapy.

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