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Assessment and therapy

An independent Speech & Language Therapist will make their own assessment of a child before offering input. For information about the initial assessment & fees please click here.

Child led

Rather than focusing on what your child can't do we focus on your child's emerging speech, language and communication skills and support them to become a confident and successful communicator. My post-graduate training reflects my enthusiasm for child-led play-based interactive approaches.

Home based

Parents are the best people to help their child with speech & language development. I always work with parents to show them how skilled they are and what they can do to support their child. The evidence base for ‘parent coaching’ approaches (including when carried out via telehealth) is very strong. Parents are able to apply the strategies they learn to real life communication situations - bath-time, meal-time, dressing - as well as to play and therapy activities.

Where direct assessment and therapy is appropriate, parents are always present during sessions to ensure they understand what I am doing, and why.
I involve parents in activities, model and explain techniques, provide training and use video feedback to support your learning.


Parents need good information and advice, and sometimes reassurance too. They often talk to the me about other concerns they have about their child. Whilst I can only give professional advice relating to communication development, I am always happy to listen and be aware of other challenges you are facing. I am happy to share my own experience from working with, and raising, children. I will signpost you to other professionals who can help if your questions are outside of the scope of my professional knowledge and expertise.


I work from home and can be available for telephone calls and consultations in the evenings and at weekends. I keep my caseload small so that I can provide the level of support each child needs and follow and review their progress.

Continuity of care

There are many types of speech and language difficulty. Some resolve quite quickly, with the right input, and so for some children therapy can be a short term solution. For others, speech, language & communication difficulties may be associated with complex needs (e.g. autism, special educational needs) and they will need support over a longer period of time. In choosing to work independently it is my goal to provide continuity of care and support for you and your child from the initial telephone enquiry, through the assessment of their needs and throughout the time for which therapy is needed.


Speech & Language Therapists continue to undertake post-graduate training to support our clinical practice. You can find out more about my clinical experience and qualifications here.


A collaborative approach gives equal value to the knowledge and skills of each person who works with your child. Joint-working facilitates a creative, problem-solving approach. I work closely with parents, Health Visitors, teachers, specialist teachers, TAs/LSAs, nursery and Early Years Practitioners, NHS Speech & Language Therapists, physiotherapists, and paediatricians.

"Gillian has been a fabulous help to our setting with a child requiring support with SEND. Gillian has shared her knowledge of SaLT and VERVE which has positively impacted the outcomes for the child we are supporting. We have found VERVE very interesting and very useful. Thank you for your continued support. - Nursery manager Daventry

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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